Installing a water softener will provide you with cleaner water, add up to the life-expectancy of your water-using appliances and save you money. Water softeners soften the water by removing minerals such as calcium and magnesium and replacing them with a softer mineral – sodium or potassium. Soft water can also make your hair and skin look and feel healthier because hard water can dry them out.

Without a softener there can be various problems created by hard water: energy costs for heating, higher costs of repair and maintenance of plant, skin, hair and clothing do not really get clean, skin irritation, greater consumption of detergents and cleaners. Hard water can also obstruct pipes, boilers and water heaters, reducing efficiency and increasing energy costs.

Installing a water softener will give you many benefits:

  - Make your water taste better

  - Save up to 25% on energy costs

  - Extend the life of your appliances

  - Reduction of costs for repairs and maintenance

  - Reduction of the risk for skin diseases

  - No stain scale on faucets, pots, showers, etc

  - Stop the calcification of pipes and household appliances

  - Up to 50% less consumption of shampoos, detergents and cleaners

  - Better cleaning and feeling of well-being for children and adults

  - Long life of clothing and improved hygiene

  - Prevention of proliferation of bacteria, therefore clean pipes

  - Return on investment in two to four years


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